‘Animation Comes to Life’ Exhibition


exhibition2We are always keeping an eye on what is happening on the animation scene around China, and were enticed along this week to the Liuli Museum on Taikang Lu where they are hosting an exhibition titled ‘Animation Comes to Life’,  loosely themed around bringing animation from 3 cities together .  Apart from each boasting some excellent animation, exactly what the connection is between Paris, Shanghai and Taipei is, and why they have been chosen to join together in this show, is unclear.  Nonetheless, the show consists of a small theatre playing short films from the 3 respective cities (the Parisian films being from Gobelins ecole d’image, the Taipei and Shanghai from different studios) along with an exhibition room featuring models from some of the films on show.  Paul Griffin was keen to see what was emerging from China in terms of independent short films.  Whilst the work from Gobelins is clearly the product of a world-class institution with a rich history of animation film making, many of the Chinese offerings more than stood up alongside their French counterparts.






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