iacc Studio

iacc is situated in Songjiang, Shanghai in a 2000m2 facility housed in DTMA’s new CCIC building on the campus of The Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. The professional-level production studios are connected by a complete digital data pipeline and communications infrastructure that supports the complete production process from story development to editing and finishing.

In addition to three major professional production studios with a 140 person capacity, the facilities include a reference studio, a motion capture studio, green screen area, video editing, sound recording and editing studio, a stop-motion studio and café area facilities. Every studio is equipped with an HP, dual monitor workstation for each student in the program.

Exact studio specifications:

–       Body and Facial Motion Capture System

–       AVID Video Editorial System

–       AVID Audio Recording System

–       Render Farm (support 30 minutes per week to 2K video render)

–       High Performance Render Farm system consists of HP Blade Center

–       High Performance HDS Storage System

–       Maximum 6.8GB per second data transfer

–       10Gb/s High Speed Backbone Network

–       High-end HP Z620 Graphic Workstation for all students

–       1000 trillion connections for students computers using

–       In addition to general 2D, 3D, video editing software, we also have NUKE, Harmony, Houdini, Storyboard, Renderman etc.

–       Pre – production room

–       Post – Production room

–       Life Drawing area

–       3D production room

–       Stop motion animation studio

–       Audio Recording room

–       Video editing room

–       Motion capture room

–       Data centre