SIVA-DeTao Program






The SIVA-DeTao program is a world-class undergraduate animation training program, taught by an international-standard faculty, with the objective of nurturing the future leaders of the Chinese animation industry.


To create great stories that are well told, with engaging characters in excellent performances carried out with strong technical skills and professional expertise.

¨        Focus on the major problems of Chinese animation production

¨        Create tomorrow’s animation leaders

¨        Emphasize distinctive Chinese culture with universal themes

¨        Use the best international training methods

Professor Robin King: Director of “SIVA • DeTao Advanced Class” Animation Program


Prof. Robin King is a world renowned authority on animation education, the honorary professor at Sheridan College and the founder of the Computer Animation Program (referred to as the ‘Harvard of Animation’) at Sheridan College. Many of his former students are Academy Awards winners and computer animation experts employed as senior production staff in the world’s top animation companies, including Industrial Light & Magic, Pixar, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Disney, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Dreamworks and so on. In 2001, he won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Canadian New Media Awards Academy. Professor Robin King is committed to sharing the international advanced computer animation training and his experience with Chinese students in recent years. He started to collaborate with DeTao in 2011 and jointly founded iacc.


The curriculum of “SIVA • DeTao Advanced Class” Animation Program is designed to balance creative and aesthetic content with quality production skills.  The proposed course structure is designed to cover the essential aspects of animation production with an emphasis on the application of animation principles, the story and performance animation.  The courses are highly interactive learning experience.  Short instructional periods should be alternated with practical exercises, question and answer sessions, discussion, seminars etc. to ensure continuous engagement with the learner and give opportunities for feedback and assessment regarding the learning that takes place.  This kind of interaction includes both the instruction of teachers to students and peer-to-peer among the students themselves.

The program design is based on four central principles:

¨        enhanced learning through rapid iteration,

¨        ubiquitous critique and constructive feedback,

¨        critical thinking and creative problem-solving through case-based instruction.

¨        professional mentorship

This major is a four-year undergraduate system and will be granted Bachelor of Arts Degree.  Main courses include Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking, Life Drawing, Professional Practice, Animation History and Styles, Animation Principles, Story Structure, Story, Scene and Shot, Film Analysis, Layout and Art Direction, Character Design, Colour Theory and Lighting, Storyboarding, Principles of Cinematography, Introduction to Digital Tools, Character Animation, Acting and Reference Analysis, Advanced Character Performance, Short Story Structure, Digital Character Modeling, Introduction to Rigging and Lighting, Introduction to Compositing and Editing, Portfolio Development and Presentation Skills, etc.

After completing three-year basic learning program, students will enter into iacc which is founded by international animation masters and be involved in animation production in their fourth year. Students will complete their graduation project under the guidance of the masters in international animation industry.

Careers opportunities include

¨        2-D Character animator for television commercials

¨        3-D Previsualization Artist

¨        Animation producer/supervisor

¨        Art Director

¨        Digital cel animator

¨        Storyboard/Concept Artist

¨        Instructor/demo Artist

¨        Animator for on-line games

¨        3D Character Animation for feature film

¨        3D Animator for Games

¨        3D Animator for new interactive “apps” for smart phones and tablet computers

¨        Animation for Location-Based Entertainment [Theme Park Rides]

¨        Broadcast Design & Animation [Television]

Studying Environment

iacc will provide world class studying environment for the student of “SIVA • DeTao Advanced Class” Animation Program.

Housed in a new 2000 sq. meter, state-of-the-art facility in the CCIC building in Songjiang, Shanghai, the iacc studio is a highly innovative, hybrid production and training pipeline for Chinese film, television and games production.

work-room-6     work-room-5     work-room-3

Production Suites 1 & 2

work-room2     work-room1     green-screen

Production Suite 3, Motion Capture Studio

Projection-room     Cafeteria     Master's-offices

Acting Studio, iacc Cafeteria, Masters’ production cabins


iacc Reception area