Myrna Gawryn


Myrna Gawryn works with animators and directors to develop  physical behavior, performance, relationship to other characters, context, and anatomical detail — all the components which make animation, or storytelling in any medium truly alive and specific.

Ms. Gawryn began her career as a classically trained dancer and worked for many years as a choreographer in Los Angeles. Her background is in character and physical performance for theater, film and T.V., human behavior and anthropology, anatomy, kinesiology and motion capture. She co-owned and was Artistic Director for the dance and physical arts studio Room to Move in Los Angeles, and has been awarded several grants as an Artist in Residence with the California Arts Council. She has had a long carreer working in film, television and theater, choreographing and directing movement for dancers, actors and in animation.  In this capacity, she developed and conducted workshops for Robert Redford’s Sundance Theater Lab in Utah, and the New York Lincoln Center Director’s Lab at the Pasadena Playhouse in California.  She has been a developer for LifeForms, a choreographic and storyboarding software, and a director and performer for motion capture, and ‘real time animation’.

In the last several years, Ms. Gawryn has turned her skill, training and focus specifically to the issues involving character performance, physical behavior and visual storytelling for Animation.

Ms. Gawryn has been teaching, performing and studying the movement and relationships of all things animate, all her working life.

Her experience with the details of action and character driven performance, and her passion for understanding how we move and what moves us, has brought her to her work with DeTao in Animationand live action character performance.

Work Experience

  • Character Performance for Animation – 2000 – ongoing
  • Artistic Director/Co-Owner for the Dance and Physical Arts studio ‘Room to Move’ in Los Angeles 1976-1981
  • Theater, film, commercials and television, choreographing and directing movement for dancers, actors and animation 1980 – Ongoing
  • Master Teacher
  • Gobelins International Masterclass program – 2010 – ongoing
  • Sundance Theater Lab – Utah -2008/2009
  • New York Lincoln Center Director’s Lab – Pasadena Playhouse, California. 2007/2008

Honors and Awards

  • Artist-in-Residence Grant and Award – California Arts Coucil – 1987-1993
  • American Choreography Awards – Jury – 1995-2000
  • Los Angeles Drama Circle Critics Award – Best Staging/Choreograpphy – 2010
  • Curator – Los Angeles Dance Festival – 2000-2003

Trainings, Workshops, Masterclasses:  Character Performance for Animation’

  • DreamWorks – Los Angles – 2010
  • Disney – Los Angeles – 2011
  • LucasFilm – Singapore – 2012
  • The One Academy – Kuala Lumpur – 2012
  • Gobelins – Paris, Annecy, International – 2009 – ongoing
  • CG Protégé – Singapore – 2011, 2012, 2013 – ongoing
  • Normal University – Taiwan  –  2013
  • Griffith Film School – Australia 2012, 2013, 2014
  • Loyola Marymount University – Los Angeles – 2013