Master Classes 2014

The Masters 

iacc has assembled an elite team of world class animation educators and award winning professionals, a talent-pool unrivalled in China. Throughout their distinguished careers, the masters of iacc have won the highest awards possible, worked with the biggest names in moving image, been instrumental in some of the most celebrated achievements in modern cinema and taught at the highest level for world-leading universities and studios.

The Master Classes

iacc Master Classes is a collection of international standard expert workshops taught by the iacc Masters.  Each Master applies his or her unique experience and skillset to intensive short-term training programs teaching world-class animation skills.

Master Classes cover skills for practitioners across the production pipeline as well as crucial production management training for executives and supervisory level staff. 

One of the key features of the Master Classes is their flexibility and sensitivity to client requirements.  Class durations can range from 1 hour to 5 days and content can be adjusted to meet specific project needs, varying participant skill and experience levels or to fit within an existing training schedule.  Depending on the individual class, participant numbers may range from intimate gatherings of 5 to full lecture theatres of 800. 

iacc regularly runs public classes at the iacc Studio in Shanghai, though each class is also available for private contract.

iacc Master Classes have been employed by the world’s leading studios, schools, festivals and institutions including:

  • DreamWorks, California, USA
  • Walt Disney Feature Animation, California, USA
  • Pixar, California, USA
  • Digital Domain, Vancouver
  • Blue Sky, Greenwich, Connecticut
  • Industrial Light & Magic, California, USA
  • Sheridan College, Toronto, Canada
  • CalArts, California, USA
  • Harvard University, Cambridge MA, USA
  • FMX (conference), Stuttgart, Germany
  • SIGGRAPH (conference)

An iacc representative will be happy to discuss your individual Master Class requirements.  Get in touch with us at