Jack Lew – Managing Human Resources in the Entertainment Industry

jack-lew2About Jack Lew

Professor Lew has a combination of industry and academic experience. At Disney Animation, Florida, he managed the Artist and Professional Development Depart- ment overseeing recruiting, internships, training and enrichment programs. His role as Senior Manager of Global Talent Resources at Electronic Arts (EA) focused on art recruiting, sourcing and university relations.

Along with his industry career, Professor Lew is an experienced academic administrator, having managed faculty and department chairs at small private colleges as well as directing a large public university department of over 60 faculty, staff and 2000+ students.

Professor Lew continues to actively work with organizations and schools on curriculum development and innovative education across the US. He serves on several non-profit advisory boards and is often invited to facilitate workshops and speak at arts and education forums. 

Course Introduction

With 10 years in senior management roles at two of the world’s most successful entertainment companies, Professor Lew has worked with and learned from the very best in the human resources field. He will share with you valuable insights as to how these and other organizations strategically attract and retain their top employees. This workshop will focus on effective recruiting, selection and motivation of talent in the entertainment industry. 

Course Content

Strategic Human Resources

–  3 Primary Business Strategies:

  • Cost leadership (Small studios)
  • Differentiation (Disney, EA, Pixar)
  • Focus (niche outsourcing studios)

–  Aligning Human Capital with Company Strategy

Attracting & Recruiting Talent

–  Recruitment sources:

  • Online
  • Advertisements
  • Referrals
  • Internal
  • Agencies

–  Company brand profile

–  University Relationships

–  Compensation and Benefits

Selecting Talent

  • Interviewing and selection measures (portfolios, tests)
  • Criteria matching studio’s strategy (creative talent, production employees)
  • Recruiting Artistic Talent vs Technical Talent

Attrition and Turnover of Talent

  • Retention and Motivation
  • Working Environment & Culture
  • Team building
  • Mentoring
  • Training and Development
  • Exiting Employees

The Successful Manager

  • Training & Developing
  • Leadership Skills
  • Managing Creative Talent
  • Managing Difficult Employees 


2-day public master class

Location: iacc Studio (3rd Floor, DeTao Masters Academy, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art, 2200 Wenxiang Road, Songjiang, Shanghai 201620)

Language: English teaching, Chinese translation