SAFS& SFM visit





On 23rd April, iacc students visit Shanghai Film Museum and Shanghai Animation Film Studio.

All students want to learn history and culture of Chinese animation, and promote pioneers’ industry spirit and enthusiasm.


IMG_2817Shanghai Animation Film Studio is one of the oldest animation studio in China. It has produced mostly 500 films with over 40,000 minutes of original animation data source which covers 80% of domestic animation production in China. It has the title of “the most valuable repository of animation in China”. The animation films include Lotus Lamp and The Monkey King.

Students show their great interest in SAFS. There are many animation works which bring so much memories of childhood to them.” After this visit, I understand film pioneers’ hard work in film creating, but they brought a glorious development of Chinese film. We should learn from industry pioneers to be diligent, tough and creative. “Though it’s such a pity for students that SAFS will be relocated, they stand on their feet to be Chinese future animators.


Compared with SAFS, Shanghai Film Museum presents Chinese film development in a more comprehensive way. There are exhibitions of film production equipment and facilities, masterpieces and film screening. With the interpretation of museum workers, students not only learn the film production process, but also have a new experience of film interactive entertainment. Because of their major, they show more concern and interest on animation exhibition. To be different with class teaching, the museum provides a concrete experience of animation history.

IMG_2816 IMG_2815

For students, they gain a lot after this visit, and they announce their determination,” the world belongs to them, belongs to you and finally belongs to us.”

Iacc teachers hope this visit help students learn Chinese animation history and hope they, encouraged by film pioneers, can produce creative films with advanced technology and software.