The art of the Pitch

—how to be a good producer


On 11th May, iacc holds the event with the theme of “the art of pitch” with Shanghai Animation Association and ART+.



Max Howard, the iacc master of animation& film production, is the keynote speaker for about 60 industry professionals. He shares his personal work experience, analyzes the necessary qualities of a good producer and the ways to be a good producer.

  • Max stresses that keys to film are “great story, believable world, engaging characters”. Good story is the most important factor.
  • For project budget and plan, you can just choose two from “good, quick and low cost”.
  • By analyzing box office in domestic and foreign markets and animation companies’ share in global market, he affirms the development potential of domestic film market.
  • At the end, Robin king and Max Howard reply to audience’s questions and discuss about project production process.

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