Ed Hooks


Acting for Animators

“Actors and animators are shamans”

One of the most respected acting teachers in the United States, Ed Hooks is a pioneer of acting training specifically for animators instead of stage actors.  His book “Acting for Animators” is a standard text at animation schools all over the world, and he is much in demand as a guest lecturer.  As an actor, he was a theatre professional for three decades and appeared in over 100 television programs and films.

In 1996, Ed Hooks created his Acting for Animators masterclass, and has since given it at all the world’s leading studios and institutions, including Dreamworks, EA, Ubisoft and Disney.  His system is used by leading animation schools internationally and he is continually in demand as a guest lecturer at animation conferences.

Publications/Books (Author)

  • Acting for Animators, third revised edition, Routledge
  • Acting in Animation (A Look at 12 Films), 2008 Heinemann Publishing
  • The Actor’s Field Guide (Acting Notes on the Run), 2007, Watson Guptill/Backstage Books
  • Acting Strategies for the Cyber Age, 2005, Heinemann Publishing
  • The Audition Book (Winning Strategies for Breaking into Theatre, Film and Television), first edition1989, second edition revised 2005, Watson-Guptill/Backstage Publications
  • The Ultimate Scene and Monologue Sourcebook, first edition 2001, second edition revised 2007, Watson-Guptill/Backstage Publications

Notable Former Clients

  • Sheridan Institute – Toronto, Canada
  • Centre National D’Animation Et De Design (Montreal)
  • Animex International Festival of Animation & Computer Games, University of Teesside, UK (10 consecutive years)
  • SIGGRAPH (Los Angeles, California)
  • Catholic University (Porto, Portugal)
  • Cadritech Computacao (Sao Paulo, Brazil)
  • Asia Media Makers (Singapore)
  • Vancouver Film School (Vancouver, Canada)
  • FMX Animation Festival (Stuttgart, Germany) Board of Advisors, eight consecutive years
  • Animal Logic (Sydney, Australia)
  • Black Rock Games (London)
  • Electronic Arts (Stockholm and England)
  • Epic Games (Cary, North Carolina)
  • Microsoft Games (Seattle, Washington)
  • Sony Games (San Diego, California and London)
  • Lucas Learning (San Raphael, California)
  • Midway Games (Chicago, Illinois)
  • Ubisoft (Montreal, Toronto, Shanghai)
  • Walt Disney Studios (Los Angeles, Sydney Australia, Orlando Florida)
  • Blue Sky Studios (White Plains, New York)
  • PDI/DreamWorks (Palo Alto, California)