Unusual Evolution

– The reporting exhibition of iacc Advanced Animation Class for Academic Year 2015-2016


▲Video Collection of Student Works (Class 2013, Class 2014, Class 2015)

On the 27th of June 2016, the opening ceremony of the annual reporting exhibition of iacc Advanced Animation Class for Academic Year 2015-2016 was held on the 1st floor of Detao Building.


The theme of this annual reporting exhibition was “evolution”. The word “evolution” originated from the Latin word “evolvere”, which means unfolding, or the growth, change and development of something. This word indicated that the students of iacc were moving forward in their study this year.

The reporting exhibition had three areas- the album collection area, the course exhibition area and the video area. The precious moments of the students’ creation process had been recorded, from a single idea of the students’ animation work in the very beginning to the accomplishment of the production. All these works showed the students’ enthusiasm and their gains in this year.


▲The album collection area

After the student host and hostess giving the brief introduction, Madam Gong and Prof. Robin King gave their speeches respectively. Madam Gong spoke highly of the students’ works. Prof. Robin King encouraged the students to achieve more in the future.


▲The student host and hostess


▲Madam Gong



▲Prof. Robin King


Afterwards, the audience watched the video collection of the students’ works and the behind-the-scenes footages.


At the end of the opening ceremony, Class Coodinator Zhang Zhiwei gave a speech wishing the students could work hard to prepare for their future.


▲Class Coodinator Zhang Zhiwei


▲Parent of the student was taking the interview.



▲The audience was watching the students’ works.