iacc Animation Summer Camp


In the afternoon of the 11th of July, dozens of students from different high schools in Shanghai came to participate in the Animation Summer Camp held by iacc.


The first part of the animation summer camp was the introduction. The teacher of iacc gave the students a speech on the basis of animation, stop motion animation principles and the process of making one while showing them the relative videos.

▲The students were watching the animation production videos.


The second part was to experience the motion capture technique. After the teacher giving the students a brief introduction of the motion capture system, the students put on the motion capture equipment under the teachers’ instructions, and started making movements. Their moving tracks captured by the sampling points on the equipment were delivered as signals and shown on the computer. The teacher explained the principles behind it to the students and showed them the following steps to attach the movement tracks to an animation character.

▲The teacher’s introducing the motion capture system.


▲The teacher helped the students to put on the motion capture equipment.


▲The student’s making movements.


▲The students watched the following operations on the computer.


The last part of the animation summer camp was making stop motion animations by the students their own. Given the materials such as paper, pens and tripods, the students started the story design and preparation. They downloaded the app for stop motion animation production on smart phones or tablets, and started taking the photographs as the key frames of the stop motion animation they’re going to make. In the end, they’ve all made their first short stop motion animation.

▲The students were discussing on the story.


▲The teacher’s giving instructions on the production.


▲The students were filming their stop motion animation.


▲The students were watching the stop motion animation made by their own.