Chris Landreth



Chris Landreth started his adult life as a mechanical engineer, until he decided in 1990 that animation would be much more fun.  He’s created several CG-animated short films, including the end (1995), Bingo (1998), Ryan (2004), and The Spine (2009).  Ryan received the Academy Award in 2005 for Best Animated Short Film, and 60 other international awards.  Chris’s films explore storytelling based on human psychology as much as photorealistic character animation, an approach Chris calls “psychorealism”. Chris recently won the ‘Best Animated Short Film’ for his new short ‘Subconscious Password’ at the Annecy Animation Festival 2013.

Working Experience

  • Scientific Visualization Animator, North Carolina Supercomputing Center
  • Senior Animator, NCSC
  • Senior Animator, Alias/Wavefront
  • Alias Inc. (now Autodesk Inc.), 1994
  • Teaching programs in Facial Animation at Seneca College, the University of Toronto, TRUEMAX Academy in Denmark, and Dreamworks Animation in California.

Honors and Awards

  • 1996 The End Academy Award nomination for Best Animated Short Film
  • 1998 Bingo Genie Awards for Best Animated short in 1999
  • 2004 Ryan Academy Award for Animated Short Film
  • 2009 The Spine Best of the Festival award at the Melbourne International Animation Festival, nominated for a Canadian Genie award, one of “Canada’s Top Ten Films” of the Toronto International Film Festival Group, in 2009.
  • 2011 Guggenheim Fellowship for animated filmmaking, and for development of his upcoming short film, Subconscious Password.


  • The Listener, 1991 (director)
  • Caustic Sky: A Portrait of Regional Acid Deposition, 1992 (director)
  • Data Driven: The Story of Franz K, 1993 (director; producer)
  • The End, 1995 (director; writer; animator; producer)
  • Bingo, 1998 (director)
  • ZeD series, 2002 (director; TV, one segment)
  • Ryan, 2004 (director; animator; voice)
  • The Spine, 2009 (director; writer)