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DeTao Institute for Animation and Creative Content (IACC) is honored to introduce Chris Landreth, who had won the Academy Award for Animated Short Film. Master Landreth brings his widely praised class Making Face, designed for animators and character tds. Description
Master Landreth’s Making Face has been applied in many world-class key animation producing institutes, including Dream Works, Digital Domain, California Institute of the Arts, Sheridan College of Animation and so on.
The number of attendants is limited. Please grasp the opportunity.
For application, please write to: iacc@detaoma.com

Class hour: 3 days
Date: July 4 -6
Time: 10 AM - 6 PM
Location: IACC (3rd Floor, DeTao Shanghai Center, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art - 2200, Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai)
Master: Chris Landreth 郎铸
Language: English teaching and Chinese interpretation
Fee: ¥5000/student (Note: Discounts for group > 3 students ) 

Coming iacc Masters’ Lectures and Charges (2014 summer):
Lecture Master
Making Faces  Chris Landreth
July 4-6
 ¥ 5,000
Drawing for Animation Jack Lew
July 29 - August 8
 ¥ 3,000
Story Mastery in Animation Craig Caldwell
July 29 - August 8
 ¥ 3,500
Acting for Animators Ed Hooks
Sept. 18 - 28
 ¥ 3,000




Homework Exhibition of DeTao Animation Majors (Grade 2013)

Thinking crazily!

Yes, this semester our students thought crazily! And it is the goal that we intendedly guided our students to think hard with the class arrangement of this semester. The class covers full angles, from creative critical thinking, movie analysis, animation history, lens construction, figure sketch, motion principles to digital software, to explore and cultivate the innovate thinking of our students. Meanwhile, it is designed to make them more capable of software techniques. Besides the class configuration of theoretic and thinking guiding and software techniques, the contents of class combine the projects and continue the contents of the last semester. By this way, our students gain new insights and review old materials with a progressive teaching and learning method.
When the exhibition was prepared, the class moved forward in the same time, so that the students had to move on for new knowledge to promote their previous works. During the repeatedly exercises, our students crazily wanted to sleep, to have fun and to relax. However, their hard working shows that everyone had been enjoying while suffering.
There were performance in creative thinking, prop creating, teamwork practice and personal works. Although the exhibition had not shown the tough creating process, we are sure that everyone is delighted for their hard working.

Class Coordinator: Zhang Zhiwei



“Rubbish Band”, the homework given by Prof. Robin King, was designed to promote the observing ability, the mastering of story rhythms and teamwork ability of our students.



In the exhibition, our students used, for the first time, homemade and simple holographic exhibition stands to give the visitors a direct understanding of the 3D modeling. It is also a multi-platform attempt for animation.


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Basis of Digital Tools
With the studying of the 2D animating software, TOOM BOOM, the students produced some simple and repeated motions for layered binding. It made the students understand the similarities and differences between 2D and 3D production.


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Animation Principles Class
With the simulation of “walking with character”, “hurling” and “carrying heavy things”, the students observed actions of characters to make the animation process more life-like.



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Last semester we had focused on Maya modeling, while this semester we have been paying more attention on 2D and Keypose. For the students to consolidate the knowledge obtained last semester, they got the assignment of Hercules modeling.
For more contents of the exhibition, please click here



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Event Review: How to Construct the Next Hollywood
Date: 12 June 2014

Recent Event: Theme Lecture
Date: 7 July 2014
Chris Landreth Academy Award winner, animation pioneer - Bright career of movie animation in Hollywood
DeTao Institute for Animation and Creative Content (iacc) presents: Landreth, winner of Academy Award for Animated Short Film, will provide you a feast of inspiration in Shanghai Film Museum. . . . . .

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For lecture applications and more information,
please E-mail to:iacc@detaoma.com or Tel:021 – 3701 6333 – 3303

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