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  30“ Short Animation: Invisible Door
  Student's Name:Li Yixuan
  Grade: junior 
: A man was playing his cellphone, here came
  a mime artist, he dumped into a invisile door, and started
  to perform comically to get the man’s attention and
  ask for money. However, the mime artist was shocked by
  the reaction from the man.

  30“ Short Animation
:: ONE & ONE
  Student's Name: Wu Lingchao
  Grade: junior 
Luck and Misfortune comes in turn.

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  Stuart Sumidarecently worked on:
  Mrs. Perigrine’s School for Peculiar Children

  Stuart Sumida has consulted about human, animal and
  creature anatomy for many household-name movies,
   including How to Train Your Dragon, Kung Fu Panda,
  Stuart Little, Tarzan, The Lion King, Guardians of
  the Galaxy The Good Dinosaur, and Zootopia..

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