Students Feedbacks of Master Chris Landreth’s Lecture: Making Face:

Overall evaluation of the Making Face Workshop: Average 9.45 out of 10

Students Pros:
- Deeply understandings about how human face muscles function
- Professional and effective lecture with the Master’s face-to-face guiding
- Combination of teaching and practicing
- Immediate comments by the Master to know the developing directions and the weakness
- A lively and direct illustration of facial expressions from various angles
- Fundamental knowledge in the first day helps to understand the contents in the next two days
- Extensive and intensive
- Full and systematic presentation of expression animation for well mastering the knowledge
- The Master’s strength and excellent teaching method brings direct visual effects

Students Cons:
- Cannot finish required practice in such a short time. No class hour in the evening. After leaving the institute they cannot continue their practice.
- The class is expected to be longer
- Short training time and intervals obstruct deeply practice the obtained knowledge
- The Master have not enough time to comment on everyone’s work.
- The students cannot copy the Master’s class video, so that they can practice by themselves.
- The students wish that they can all face the Master when using computers

Coming iacc Masters’ Lectures and Charges (2014 summer) :
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Acting for

Ed Hooks

Class hour: 1 day
Date: Sept. 17 - 25
Location: IACC (3rd Floor, DeTao Shanghai Center, Shanghai Institute of Visual Art - 2200, Wenxiang Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai)
Language: English teaching and Chinese interpretation
Animal, Human and Creature Anatomy for Animation

Stuart Sumida

Class hour: No limit
Date: Sept. 20 - 25
Location: Client’s office or IACC
Language: English teaching and Chinese interpretation


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Event Review: SIGGRAPHASIA 2014 Animation Festival and Selection
Date: August 1-3, 2014

SIGGRAPHASIA 2014 event series, Animation Festival and Selection. As the president of SIGGRAPH Asia 2014 Animation Festival, Master Robin King, the director of IACC, evaluated 149 selected short animation films with professionals from China, USA, Canada, Japan and Korea.

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2014 DeTao Master - Robert Mckee Movies Seminar (IACC cooperation)
4th - 7th, Dec. 2014, Shanghai Library

Professor Robert Mckee is one of the most well known and respected mentors on storytelling. One of his works, Story - Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting, has been the set books of movie schools of various famous universities, including Harvard, Yale, UCLA and USC of USA, and the universities and colleges of Paris, London, Munich, Rome and etc.

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On the DeTao iacc exclusive interview, Scott Ross, the founder of Digital Domain, Master of visual special effects and movie production, shared his opinions about the development of China’s film market, the difference of domestic and foreign markets and the development directions.


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