Event 1

Host: Institute for Animation and Creative Content (iacc) and DeTao Lecture & Shanghai Film Museum
Digital Anatomy and Virtual Performance Theme Event (Lecture + Salon)

Two of our masters, Stuart Sumida and Ed Hooks, will introduce their excellent careers to the audience, and share the stories behind the screen in their 25 years of character design and modeling, including their experience of creating the classic cartoon movies with the animation artists. With the great works of How to Train Your Dragon 2 and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Stuart Sumida and Ed Hooks will hold an open forum to share their special insights and professional analysis, and guide the audience to actively discuss about animation producing and storytelling.

Time: 13:00 - 17:30 PM, Sept. 21st
Location: Meeting Room, 5th Floor of Shanghai Film Museum
Ticket: RMB 150 (150 tickets in total)

How to buy the tickets:

1. Join in the WeChat platform of DeTao Lecture and reply the info below: Film Salon + Name + Occupation/University + Mobile Phone Number + Email

2. Please send your personal info (Film Salon + Name + Occupation/University + Mobile Phone Number + Email) to iacc@detaoma.com for reservation, and buy the tickets on site with cash.

Event II

Host: Institute for Animation and Creative Content (iacc) and DeTao Lecture & PKUSZ


Lecture Theme:

We Are All Actors: An Acting Master class For Everyone


Lecture Contents:

- Definition of Performance

- Definition of Emotions

- Relation of Thinking and Emotions

- Resonance: its function

- Action to Pursue Goals

- Obstructions

- Homogeneity of Human

- All Human Perform for Surviving

- Bad Guys Do Not Consider Themselves Bad Guys

- Everyone is the hero of himself/herself

Time: 15:00, 2014.9.24, Wed.
Location: 303, Building C, PKUSZ
Ticket: For free (150 tickets in total)


Stuart Sumida: “In the movies, there are huge pigs like wild animals, and lions and snakes. For the people like us, studying animation anatomy, it is like a candy store.


What have been up to recently?

I was in London working with MPC on Guardians of the Galaxy and a couple of other films recently. One was Maleficent, the Disney live action version of Sleeping Beauty, working with all human characters. We didn’t actually work on any of the creatures in either movie. I didn’t do any work on Rocket Raccoon at all. That character had already been designed and I just got to look at a bit of the animation. We spent a lot of time doing the work on male and female differences, so we’re emphasising those differences and trying to understand how they move differently from one another, especially in an action film. It was more or less standard anatomical descriptions, but verging on the comic book-type differences. You have a female character like Zoe Saldana’s, where we went a little bit more extreme on her features, as opposed to the men. On the other hand, look at someone like Angelina Jolie (Maleficent). She’s very differently shaped from someone like Zoe Saldana. Maleficent is not so much an action film but Angelina Jolie can be a very physical actress, so there’s a lot of extreme motion, like Olympic athlete-level study, looking at both males and females who do extreme sports. The way a male will create a spin in his body, whether he’s a skateboarder or a superhero, will come from different masses in the body than it will from a woman. At the same time, I was also working with Double Negative on the second Hercules, which is coming out here (USA) this month. They actually already had most of the effects work they needed to do on humans, so that was strictly an animal film. There was this giant boar like beast, there were lions, there were serpents. It was like a candy store for someone that does animal anatomy. I’m also working on a couple of projects with Disney right now – Zootopia and King of the Elves. Then there’s the long-languishing project at Pixar, the Good Dinosaur. They haven’t abandoned it yet, so we will see if it sees the light of day. It was lot of fun anyway.

Detailed Interview...


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Ed Hooks: "An actor and animatior is an athlete of the heart. You want to have your audience relate to the characters on the screen.


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