September was a busy month for two of our DeTao masters, Stuart Sumida and Ed Hooks. We arranged a series of events for them to obtain major insights about China’s animation and game production market, as well as opportunities to interact and communicate with famous enterprises. Their public events were energetically attended by many local animation professionals. Thank you all!

Master Stuart Sumida’s specialty triggered the interests of all of the enthusiastic attendants. The application of creature anatomy to film and television animation creates authentic and believable and authentic characters. Focusing on specific details makes for realistic characters, motions and gestures. The Masters also shared key points of about the production of movies that they had helped create, and they also gave a critical analysis of several films to the attendees. We are delighted that everyone gained such excellent knowledge from their efforts and insights.

Besides the event held in Shanghai, we also visited Guangzhou and Shenzhen. It is often said that China’s animation needs good stories and better animation quality, while the typically short production period and the inherent weakness presents huge challenges for producers. It is the tough situation faced in China. The Masters also gave their opinion about the works presented by the enterprises they visited We hope that further exchanges and cooperation may soon be achieved, and that we will promote the development of the enterprises with our professional masters skills and resources.

Digital Anatomy and Virtual Performance Theme Event (Lecture + Salon) Finished Successfully

We Are All Actors

The Keynote Finished successfully

-- Ed Hooks


Stuart Sumida

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Pictures from the Master Lecture of Stuart Sumida We wish that you can get a more detailed understanding about the lecture, and obtain more specified directions on the projects of enterprises.


Questionnaire of the Lecture::

Overall Evaluation: Average 9.72 out of 10

By the lecture what kind of helps do you obtain?

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In November, we will warmly welcome Master Scott Ross. This is the first time he visits China after he signed to be a DeTao Master. Events are being prepared. Let’s wait and see!

Scott Ross Introduction

Scott Ross Interview


2014 DeTao Master - Robert Mckee Movies Seminar
4th - 7th, Dec. 2014, Shanghai Library

Professor Robert Mckee is one of the most well known and respected mentors on storytelling. One of his works, Story - Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting, has been the set books of movie schools of various famous universities, including Harvard, Yale, UCLA and USC of USA, and the universities and colleges of Paris, London, Munich, Rome and etc.

More Details...


Available Masters in the Near Future:

Robin King

Enhancing Creativity for Personal and Professional Growth

Scott Ross

To be determined

Chris Landreth

Making Faces

Paul Griffin

Getting the Best Artistry + Cost Efficiency from your Animation Department

Animation Direction: The Quest for Excellence

Stuart Sumida

Animal, Human and Creature Anatomy for Animation

Myma Gawryn

Character Performance & Visual Storytelling


Other Masters:

Geoff Campbell

Maquettes and the Art of Storytelling

Ed Hooks

Acting for Animatiors

Jack Lew

Managing Human Resources in the Entertainment Industry

Drawing for Animation

Craig Caldwell

Story Mastery in Animation

Terrence Masson

To be determined

Bob Munroe

To be determined

Dan Hopen

To be determined

Barbara Mones

To be determined

Ana Serrano

To be determined



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