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It is getting colder, but iacc is still such a warm family. When we go out to meet some companies and institutes, it is a great honor for us being welcomed by many professionals in industry. This is a big support and encourage for our work.

Ubisoft visited iacc

As “the Whampoa Military Academy in game industry”, Ubisoft visited iacc recently. Their senior professional staff gave our students an excellent lecture, which covered the current situation of game industry, the role that animators play in industry. And more importantly, this lecture played an active role in students’ career plans.

Iacc Visitors

Rick Allen was an animator previously, now he works on planning and design of theme parks. He is one of Robin King’s friends. He shared his industry experience with our students, introduced the design and construction process of theme parks with examples and the role animators playing in the design process. His lecture broadened the thoughts of students.


2014 Detao Master--Jason E. Squire:
Public class about the development and marketing of the creative films

Class Overview: students will be divided into several teams to accomplish the story creation and do the basic marketing planning on target audience and film posters etc.
Class Information: this class would be a tour of creativity. Students will communicate and attend practical activities in separate teams like the media companies. Every team will implement the creative activities of films from the perspective of basic story plots and marketing.
Duration: 3 days
Date: 2014.11.25 - 2014.11.27
location: Detao at SIVA2200 Wenxiang Road, Songjiang Shanghai, China


2014 DeTao Master - Robert Mckee Movies Seminar
4th - 7th, Dec. 2014, Shanghai Library

Professor Robert Mckee is one of the most well known and respected mentors on storytelling. One of his works, Story - Substance, Structure, Style, and the Principles of Screenwriting, has been the set books of movie schools of various famous universities, including Harvard, Yale, UCLA and USC of USA, and the universities and colleges of Paris, London, Munich, Rome and etc.

More Details...


DeTao Master of Stage Art and Design -- Jerry Dunn

Prof. Jerry Dunn is a Production Designer with a 30 year career in Hollywood, California with extensive experience designing in every genre of multi-camera television. Jerry’s work has been seen by over 2 billion people world-wide. He is best known for his situation comedy TV work, such as "the Cosby family".

The 65th Annual Academy Awards -- Art Director
Celebrate The Soul Of American Music, 1993 -- Art Director
The Screen Actors Guild Awards 1994 -- Art Director

Visit Time:23th - 29th Nov 2014




Available Masters in the Near Future:

Robin King

Enhancing Creativity for Personal and Professional Growth

Chris Landreth

Making Faces

Paul Griffin

Getting the Best Artistry + Cost Efficiency from your Animation Department

Animation Direction: The Quest for Excellence

Stuart Sumida

Animal, Human and Creature Anatomy for Animation

Myma Gawryn

Character Performance & Visual Storytelling


Other Masters:

Geoff Campbell

Maquettes and the Art of Storytelling

Ed Hooks

Acting for Animatiors

Jack Lew

Managing Human Resources in the Entertainment Industry

Drawing for Animation

Craig Caldwell

Story Mastery in Animation

Terrence Masson

To be determined

Bob Munroe

To be determined

Dan Hopen

To be determined

Barbara Mones

To be determined

Ana Serrano

To be determined



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