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December is a busy month with the lecture about the development of Asia’s films given by Scott Ross on the Siggraph Asia as a beginning to the end of year. There are many events and activities, including attending industry activities, communicating with the professionals, organizing and attending masters’ lectures, setting visits for students to leading industry company, understanding the production process of animation and game, and giving interview to students that providing a stage for expressing themselves. At this moment, on behalf of director Robin King and all iacc stuff, I wish you have a happy Christmas! Be healthy and happy in a new year!


Siggraph Asia 2014 was held from 3rd to 6th December, which covered business seminar, new technology exchange, industry masters’ lectures, animation festivals, etc. The opening ceremony saw a gig view with several thousand attendees. Scott Ross, the associate of iacc, as a speaker of Siggraph Asia, gave a lecture titled with “will Asia be the next Hollywood” to start this big event.

Siggraph Asia

Scott Ross as a speaker of Siggraph Asia 2014

From made in China to Developed in China


Roibin King, the Chief of animation festival, awarded prize to the winner

Craig Caldwell, iacc master, gave lecture about “storytelling”


On 6th December, the education seminar discussed several issues about Chinese animation education, training standards and the necessity of standards setting. Meanwhile, Robin King presented some training system and assessment standards, and looked forward to training courses and education system for students. Later, education experts discussed about disadvantages of Chinese animation education, the differences between Chinese education and that of foreign. And they answered some questions from audience.

Robin King gave a lecture about training standard

Masters discussed about education system


iacc visitor:

This month, Norman Joseph, the Assistant Technical Director, who also participated in the production of animation 《Big Hero 6》, was invited to give a deep lecture to students and improved their understanding of advanced animation technologies.


Craig Caldwell, a maser in training artists, taught students of experiment class. His courses covered the importance of animation theory and animation story structure with brief example explanations and analysis of production process and elements. His courses deepen the students’ understanding of animation works in a short time.

Iacc, as one of Detao studios, accomplished a study project with other studio students for the first time. Students of animation and technortic arts accomplished several projects, including animation, 3D printing, and zoetrope. Courses took its usual mode which is the combination of practice and theory, focusing on the practical ability and creative ability. Students were divided into several teams to have brainstorming, to put up with their own thoughts and design. This mode shows the course value completely.


Chris Landreth’s ‘Making Faces’ Masterclass in 2015

Course introduction: ‘Making Faces’ Masterclass is taught by Chris Landreth who received the Academy Award in 2005 for Best Animated Short Film.it is a master class
for animators and character riggers who want to master the art of Facial Animation.
This masterclass had been held for many times in China. So this time, class will share the new study on facial animation with students.
Duration: 3 days
Date: 12th to 14 Jan


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